KENNY - 2013
Kenny was a great and rare find! Paul was in Lowes and mentioned to a manager that he was looking for a lead framer. The manager knew of Kenny, who had been in the industry for over 30 years, was very knowledgeable, and was looking for work. Paul called him, and the rest is history! Kenny is our foreman, and is the backbone of our business. We are very blessed to have him for 9years and counting!!

DAVID - 2021
David is Paul's older brother who has relocated from NC to join our Corban family. As our Project Coordinator, David is responsible for scheduling the projects, and coordinating the subcontractors and material deliveries to make sure our projects stay on schedule. David also brings years of experience with him and we couldn't be happier to have him here!

RICHARD - 2022
My dad (our co-founder) always says "people know people" and they sure do! Richard is the father - in - law of one of our amazing subcontractors. He was working in a nursery and looking for a change, so we hired him on the spot and never looked back! Richard keeps our jobsites spic and span and makes sure the guys have the materials they need. He's very hard working and a wonderful asset to our team!

JOSEPH - 2022
Joseph is a versatile and hard-working employee. No matter what task he undertakes he always gives a 110%. Joseph has been a great addition to our Corban family, and we are excited to continue to watch him grow and learn.

PAT - 2023
They say you can't go home again, but actually, you can. Pat worked for us many years ago, and now he is back. Pat was our go-to guy then, and picked right back up where he left off. We are happy to have him back with our team.